Robert Lins

Robert Lins is a healthcare expert with a broad range of over 30 years in depth experience. He started his career as a physician-specialist and as investigator in hospital clinical research, before he became general manager in the hospital sector. Later on Robert Lins has been managing director of a clinical research organisation.

Robert Lins is also a consultant and invited speaker to the pharmaceutical industry for many years.

A strong entrepreneurial spirit and excellent negotiation and communication skills helped to focus on process improvement, implementation of innovative business ideas, generating growth, increasing profit and restructuring of companies.

Based on these experiences, Robert Lins Consulting provides strategic and operational management consultancy to the health sector at large.

Curriculum Vitæ
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  • Management support to innovative, time and cost efficient development in the clinical research area
  • Advice for strategy, management, organizational and quality issues to healthcare providers
  • Process improvement in drug development and in healthcare organizations
  • Negotiation and communication between hospital parties
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Robert Lins, MD, PhD

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